Eat Your Weeds: Foraging in Your Own Backyard

You can probably find a variety of edible vegetation in your own backyard! It’s all about knowing what’s what. Community Educator Juan Juan Moses shares which weeds are edible in our Eat Your Weeds program. Learn more about which weeds are edible in the gallery below.

Before you start foraging:

  1. Be certain of the plant
  2. Be aware of your allergies. If you are not aware of your allergies, consult a medical provider
  3. Know where you are foraging if you venture out of your backyard. This includes being aware of public spaces and chemical spraying in your area
  4. Try one thing at a time
  5. Start with a small amount
  6. Always consult your doctor before you start if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication

Why forage in your own backyard?

  1. Gain appreciation for weeds
  2. Increase your supply effortlessly
  3. Better and denser nutrients
  4. Survival skills
  5. Stop herbicide

Use these photos to be able to identify the edible weeds in your yard, where they come from, and their nutritional benefits. Stay tuned for more programs like this!