Learn How to Create Sustainable Landscapes: Join Our Water Wise Wednesday Workshops!

Want to learn how to make a difference when it comes to water conservation and sustainable landscaping? Join us every Wednesday in March and April for our Water Wise Wednesday workshops in partnership with the City of Spokane water department!

Our community’s water usage skyrockets (by 300%!) in the summer, especially when used on our landscapes. These workshops will provide you with the knowledge to keep your garden looking lush while using water wisely. Saving some money along the way isn’t too shabby, either!

These workshops are FREE and take place at Shadle Park Library every Wednesday at 6pm. Note that the last workshop on April 24th will be at Liberty Park Library.

Can’t make it to every workshop? No worries! Swing by when you can and soak up the knowledge. We’re here to help you make a difference, one Wednesday at a time.