Delivering the Library

Sophie and Jon, two dedicated library employees in our Outreach department, have made it their mission to bring the magic of books to every corner of the city. Their tireless efforts bring the love of the library to children and adults who cannot visit a physical location.

The team starts each day at their home base, Shadle Park Library, where they gather materials for their deliveries. Sophie primarily works with youth, curating books suitable for children ages 0-10. Through Library Outreach, she provides books for 24 youth facilities including daycares, headstart, and many other places like The Isabella House, a six-month impatient program serving women who have children and/or are pregnant and who suffer the effects of substance use and abuse.

Sophie’s deep understanding of child development allows her to curate books that cater to specific age groups. From high-contracts pictures for infants to more complex plots for older children, every selection is thoughtfully made. The impact of Sophie’s curated book deliveries is magical. The children, sometimes lacking books in their homes, eagerly await the deliveries. In one touching moment, a little girl hugged Sophie’s leg, expressing her gratitude for the books. These heartwarming interactions remind Sophie of the significant of her work and how even a simple book can make a lasting impact on a young mind.

Diversity is a key aspect of the program, as Sophie ensures that children see faces and cultures different from their own. Exposing young minds to stories, words, and visuals they aren’t familiar with fosters empathy, understanding, and a sense of inclusivity.

Jon dedicates his time to serving adults in various senior centers, long-term care facilities, and assisted living homes around Spokane. Coordinating with the activities staff, Jon delivers carefully selected books tailored to each individual’s preferences. Through this monthly ritual, he brings joy and comfort to those who are homebound, lacking easy access to the library. For these individuals, Jon is more than just his job title; he is a ray of hope. His thoughtful selections and dedication have earned him heartfelt praise from the community. One community member left Jon a voicemail, commending him for going above and beyond the call of duty and for being a source of solace in their lives.

The Outreach Team also curates collections and keeps our Library Kiosks well stocked. The West Central Library Kiosk was installed in 2018 and four additional Library Kiosks are currently being installed, including one at Gonzaga Family Haven and one at Yoke’s in Latah.

Sophie and Jon’s unwavering dedication and the success of Spokane Public Library’s Outreach program exemplify the power of literacy and compassion. By connecting communities through books, they have touched countless lives, bringing the Library to some of our most vulnerable populations.

As the Outreach program continues to expand its reach, the legacy of Sophie and Jon will endure, inspiring generations to embrace the wonders of reading, celebrate diversity, and share in the joy of storytelling.

For more information on Moble & Homebound Service, please email us at or call us at 509.444.5300.