Carla Crujido’s The Strange Beautiful and a Literary Walking Tour of Downtown Spokane

Carla Crujido is one of the featured writers at this year’s Get Lit! Festival. Her book The Strange Beautiful, as novelist Marie-Helene Bertino writes, is filled with “gorgeous stories” that “map a century in Spokane’s enigmatic Mt. Vernon apartments.” The book hosts a well-researched array of Spokane settings and historical incidents, and we’ll have an event with Crujido in the Inland Northwest Specialist Collections to highlight archival materials related to its contents. 

And for those who love a great literary walking tour, Crujido also created a Google map for us to share with Spokane denizens. The map shares the various settings found within the book—including the Davenport Hotel, the Crescent Building, the Paulsen Building, the Monroe Street Bridge and much more—alongside quotes from the text itself and a brief synopsis of each location. Check out the book, read it, grab some fellow bibliophiles, and enjoy this wonderful walking tour of The Strange Beautiful, a true love letter to our town.