Artists-in-residence: Jesse Peck & Lesley Crane

Lesley’s primary mediums are typical drawing materials combined with non-traditional mediums such as dirt, glitter and cut paper. She has recently been experimenting with monotype printmaking. She considers her drawings and prints to be just the end of a longer art process that includes components of performance art. She says, “making my artworks is time and place specific. My art making materials include myself and the world around me. I am excited to have a more public forum for my work. My art process hasn’t been seen by many people, and I think that having a residency at the Hive will affect my work in ways that I can’t predict.”

Jesse is working on a multi-media narrative that will culminate in a graphic memoir. She wants it to result in more of a conversation, showing interior life as shared experience. She’s excited to share her love of process and art making with the community and really excited to have time and space to focus on her work!

Jesse and Lesley will be here through September, 2022.