Tacos y Tequila: The Official Latino Festival of Spokane

Join us August 26 and 27 for the third annual Tacos y Tequila Festival in Downtown Spokane!

Tacos y Tequila is a two-day festival organized by Nuestras Raices Centro Comunitario (NRCC) that celebrates Hispanic culture and history and will be at Central Library this year! Enjoy two full days of live music from various regions of Latin America, delicious food featuring flavors of Latin America from local Spokane food vendors, and delicious tequilas and mescals.

Tacos and tequila have become a mainstay in U.S. cuisine, yet their cultural significance is less widely known. Tacos and tequila have existed in Mexican culture for centuries. Tequila dates to the Aztecs and their understanding of the medicinal properties held within the agave plant. Tacos have long been associated with social gatherings in Mexico and were originally consumed by Indigenous people throughout the region.

“Tacos y Tequila festival allows us to showcase our history and increase public awareness and pride in the depth and diversity of Hispanic Latino culture while fundraising for our community center that houses all our fundamental services to serve the needs of our people. Our program offerings, staff and volunteers provide life-changing support to individuals, youth, and families through culturally and linguistically attuned services,” said NRCC Executive Director Fernanda Mazcot.

This festival helps consumers in Spokane learn about the history of tacos and tequila, and connect with Hispanic-owned, local businesses who have perfected their craft of these items over time. While festival attendees enjoy delicious food and beverages, they will also be entertained by an array of cultural dances and live performances including:

  • Corazón De Maná
  • Los Faraones del Norte
  • Los Primos de Michoacan
  • Milonga
  • Prestigio Total
  • Terror/Cactus
  • Quiero Flamenco
  • Sultry Swine
  • And so much more!

This festival benefits Nuestras Raices Centro Comunitario (NRCC) (translation: Our Roots Community Center) which is a 501c3 that was created by and has worked alongside the Hispanic/Latinx community in our region for over 28 years.

Nuestras Raices Centro Comunitario uplifts the Hispanic/Latinx/Indigenous community through four bodies of work. 

  1. Esperanza (HOPE) is their culturally and linguistic attuned social service and mental health program
  2. L.U.N.A.A (Latinos Unidos eN Acción Alianza) is their comprehensive youth engagement program that provides scholarships, mentorship, and academic guidance to equip students to achieve their full potential academically and in professional careers
  3. Sin miedo al éxito (Success with Confidence) is their economic development program that focuses on supporting individuals with financial literacy, as well as current and potential small business owners within marginalized groups
  4. Cultura is their program that weaves cultural education, arts, and opportunities for community connectedness to harness cultural identity and belonging. Tacos y Tequila Festival is one example of a community-wide event orchestrated by our agency

We hope you’ll be able to join us for this incredible cultural opportunity!