Library Learning Week

Join us Monday, January 22 – Sunday, January 28 for Library Learning Week! Learn a new skill, find a new hobby, work your entrepreneurial muscles, and build community! This week is all about learning something new to help you become your best self.

In addition to regularly scheduled weekly events like storytime, you also have access to the following variety of FREE events for kids, middle & high schoolers, and adults! When you come to any event during Library Learning Week, you will be entered into a drawing to win an eReader!

Monday, January 22

Spokane House History Resources | 3pm @ South Hill Library

Tuesday, January 23

Gentle Flow Yoga | 12pm @ South Hill Library

Be a Maker: For Ages 3-11 & Caregivers | 3:30pm @ Indian Trail Library

Winter Wildlife Workshop For Kids 6-14 & Families | 5pm @ Liberty Park Library

The Craft of Writing Novels with Sonora Jha | 5:30pm @ Central Library

Wednesday, January 24

Virtual Book Club: Yoga Bitch by Suzanne Morrison | 12pm [Register Online]

Free, Professional Headshots! | 12-3pm @ Central Library

Anime Club for Middle & High Schoolers | 3:30pm @ Hillyard Library

Be a Maker: For Ages 3-11 & Caregivers | 3:30pm @ Liberty Park Library

Copycats! For Kids Ages 8-12 | 3:30pm @ South Hill Library

Drop-in & Draw, Paint, Knit, Stitch… | 5-7pm @ The Hive®

Winter Wildlife Workshop For Kids 6-14 & Families | 5pm @ Shadle Park Library

Thursday, January 25

Office Hours with Sharma Shields: Support for Creative Writers | 10am-12pm @ Central Library

Our Elder’s Stories: Portrait Edition for Kids & Teens Ages 5-18 | 3:30pm @ Indian Trail Library

Mindful Doodling | 5:30pm @ The Hive®

Friday, January 26

Write Together: Community Writing Session with Sharma Shields | 10am-12pm @ Indian Trail Library

Songwriting Made Easy: Yes, You Can Do This! | 3pm @ Central Library [Register Online]

HOMAGO (Hanging Out, Messing Around, Geeking Out) for Middle & High Schoolers | 3:30pm @ Hillyard

Drawing Expressive Expressions For Kids Ages 9-15 | 3:45pm @ Liberty Park Library [Register Online]

Saturday, January 27

Take Your Business Idea from 0 to 60 in 90 Minutes | 10:30am @ Central Library [Register Online]

Be a Maker: For Ages 3-11 & Caregivers | 11am @ Shadle Park Library

Make a Snow Lantern | 11am @ Hillyard Library

Stretching Class | 12pm @ Indian Trail Library

Make Your Own Yogurt at Home! | 1pm @ Shadle Park Library

FILM: I Am Here: A Documentary on Ella Blumenthal | 2pm @ Liberty Park Library

K-Pop Dance! | 3pm @ Shadle Park Library

Sunday, January 28

Zentangle | 2:30pm @ South Hill Library [Register Online]