Recommended Reads of 2023

There are SO many books out there to read. Here are a few of our recommendations read over the year!

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

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This book blew my mind. If you like fantasy, world-building, dragons, action, or a hero’s journey, you’ll love this book, too! It was very well-written and kept my attention the entire time. What I would give to erase it from my memory so I could read it for the first time again! – Alina

Afterglow by Grist

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In a world where climate anxiety can be paralyzing, Afterglow envisions many futures we may yet live to experience. It helped me look forward to the future instead of fearing it. – Quinn

Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao

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A realistic depiction of feminine rage in a well-researched fantasy/alternate history type setting. I cannot wait for the sequel. – Amanda M.

The Vaster Wilds by Lauren Groff

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Propulsive and exciting read about our nation’s problematic colonial beginnings. Centers a young servant who escapes a colony (based on the Jamestown colony) during a desperate famine and spotlights her struggle to survive in the wild. Reminds me of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet, but from the feminine perspective…. – Sharma

The Fragile Threads of Power by V.E. Schwab

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This is a must-read new entry in The Darker Shades of Magic series – introducing compelling new characters along with catching up with the consquences of the previous series for our returning characters. Alternative world magic at its finest. – Dana

In the Lives of Puppets by T.J. Klune

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Such a breath of fresh air and humanity…left me with a full heart. – Samantha

How to be Eaten by Maria Adelmann

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The twists and turns of the plot are a delight and its told from the perspective of a group therapy session. Very interesting read. – Jules

Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall

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I love romances and I love the Great British Baking Show, so I was destined to love this gem by Alexis Hall. With LGBTQ+ representation from more than just the gay best friend and a well-developed plot (in a romance??). Hall is Star Baker with this series

Dowry of Blood by S.T Gibson

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It is a book that shows the true strength in the face of adversity and shows the will it can require to overcome an abuser. It was also just a delicious book about a polyamorous group of Dracula’s vampire spouses and just the examples of the statement of if you love them, let them go. – Kaya

All the Living and the Dead by Hayley Campbell

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A masterfully done, unflinching examination of a topic most people shy away from. – Sophie

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

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I recommend this book because it transports the reader far into a dystopian future wherein an unthinkable revolution begins to take shape. – Quinton

The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson

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Beautiful book about the ways that indigenous people have saved seeds for hundreds of years to feed their families and communities. Important stories about the theft of land and identity from indigenous peoples. – Eva

Starter Villain by John Scalzi

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The cover alone is fantastic and is the whole reason I read it. I’m so glad I did. it is as funny as it is well written and the plot is just about the most set up to be this thing as it gets just to do a 180 on you. – V

The Troop by Nick Cutter

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It’s just a classic horror story that really got me creeped out before falling asleep. – Colin

Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto

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“I did NOT see that coming!” Is not a phrase I usually utter multiple times when reading a book. – Becky

Our Wives Under the Sea by Julia Armfield

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In this eerie and lyrical novel, you’ll find yourself ruminating on love and loss and closure and what really happened. – Amanda D.

Let’s Pretend this Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson

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Jenny Lawson draws the reader in with hysterical and relatable stories from her life. Lawson has a beautiful way of sharing everything from childhood memories to vulnerable moments. I could read this book over and over again. The audio version was enjoyable. – Denise

The Firekeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley (audiobook)

I love stories that tackle issues of identity and living between cultures. Throw in some strong women, a suspenseful mystery and I’m in! Not being familiar with anishinaabemowin (the Ojibwe language), the audiobook was definitely the way to go for me. – Sumi

Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree

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LOCAL AUTHOR! Excellent fun book. – Becky

This book was cozy and comforting without being dull. – Zoe

A Day With No Words by Tiffany Hammond

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Tiffany Hammond, who also has Autism, wrote this book to show a day in the life of her nonverbal Autistic son. It’s one of the best representations of Autism in books, TV, or movies that I’ve seen in a long while. Anyone who might come into contact with a person who uses a communication device (so everyone) needs to read this book. – Ella

Oh No the Aunts are Here by Lian Cho and Adam Rex

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Hilarious, and with an excellent plot twist at the end. – Amanda M.