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Disability Pride Month

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than a decade ago now, and I live with it the same way I live with my sobriety:

Celebrate Pride Month 2023

Support and celebrate Spokane’s local LGTBQIA2S+ community throughout Pride Month this June! Add to your Pride celebrations with some of these resources and events from

Pride Month Booklist 2023

Happy Pride Month, Spokane! Be sure to support local organizations like Spokane Pride, Spectrum Center, and Odyssey Youth Movement, and have a blast at the

Transgender Awareness Book List for Youth

November 13-19, 2022 is Transgender Awareness Week, a time to bring awareness to and support the transgender community by providing a platform, sharing stories, experiences,

Native American Heritage Month 2022

While Native American Heritage Month is celebrated nationally every November, Indigenous history and culture should be acknowledged all year long. Many Tribal Nations and Indigenous

Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month 2022

Celebrate Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month at the library between September 15 and October 15! Read and experience stories and culture through this list of