Beware the Swamp

I really enjoyed the spine tingling read, Beware the Wild Beware the Wildby Natalie C. Parker. Sterling Saucier (pronounced SO – shur) has just had an argument with her older brother Phineas. He has run into the dangerous haunting swamp behind their home in Sticks, Louisiana. Sterling sees a figure coming out of the swamp. It is a girl, Lenora May. Everyone but Sterling has forgotten Phineas and accept Lenora May as Sterling’s older sister. Sterling is determined to rescue her brother but first she needs to find someone who will believe her. Loner Heath Durham is the only one who remembers his best friend Nathan. Together they decide to take a stand against the swamp and rescue their loved ones. The haunted almost alive swamp theme is perfect for the month of October. I recommend for fans of the spooky, in grades ten on up.

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Mothman’s Curse

Mothman's CurseHere’s a great read for the spookiest month of the year, Mothman’s Curse by Christine Hays. Josie and her brothers help out in their Dad’s auction house in Athens, Ohio. It may be billed as the most haunted town in the US, but they have never seen anything ghostly until…. they find an old Polaroid camera that prints pictures of the ghost of John Goodman. And the camera has no film in it! John Goodman was a rich recluse in nearby Clark who lost his wife in a terrible disaster. Now his ghost is trying to warn them that something terrible is going to happen in Athens and it is up to Josie and her brothers to stop it. This curl your toes mystery has everything; ghosts, a hundred year old curse, a haunted moth ring, tornados, and Mothman, a half man half moth creature first documented in 1966. I recommend to readers in grades four to six.

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Book Sale Hours

Friends Members Presale:
Wednesday, October 21 –  4:30 – 8 pm
Your membership must be current for 2015. A membership table will be present starting at 4:00 pm if you would like to join or renew your membership that evening. Memberships start at $10.

Everyone Welcome:
Thursday, October 22 – 10 am – 5 pm
Friday, October 23 – 10 am – 5 pm
Saturday, October 24 – 10 am – 2 pm – Saturday only – Fill a bag with your choice of books for only $3. We supply the bag.

The sale is held at the Downtown Library in the first floor meeting rooms and art gallery. Most items $1 or less.

Artemis Literary Sources

This time of year high school and college students often have to write essay papers on classic literary works. Gale Artemis Literary Sources is a great place to find homework help for these students. This premium resource not only has the full text of many classic poems, short stories, and plays, but also author biographies, criticism of individuals works, and book reviews. Authors range from classical Greeks to modern American novelists. This is a really good source for book club discussions, as well. Read a review about The Kite Runner or listen to an All Things Considered interview with Khaled Hosseini and impress your book club friends with your knowledgeable comments, all thanks to your library.

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Spokane Trivia Challenge

In conjunction with the Spokane Trivia Championship, the Northwest Room created a trivia exhibit. Come into the Northwest Room and test yourself. You can take the quiz and fill it in or just ask for the answer sheet. We’re giving away some SPL Foundation tote bags to some lucky winners. Either way, it’s a fun quiz.



2015 National Census Test

U_S__Census_Bureau_logo_post-2011The Census Bureau recently sent a letter to 1.2 million households asking them to fill out the 2015 National Census Content Test.  The goal of the test is to improve questions and participation by testing out Internet options.  By responding, you are helping to improve the survey and test out some cost saving measures for the Census.   This test is scheduled to run through October 31, 2015.    For more information, read the frequently asked questions concerning the test.

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Washington Healthplanfinder payment changes start Sept. 24

insurance billing
If you get your medical or dental insurance through Washington Healthplanfinder, payment changes begin Sept. 24. See the details from the Washington Insurance Commissioner’s news release. Any financial help you are receiving, won’t be affected by this change. If you are looking for health plan coverage, open enrollment begins Nov. 1 through Jan. 31, 2016. Checkout the Washington Healthplanfinder website here.