Are you an artist looking for studio space in Spokane to take your art to the next level? Do you want to connect with the community and teach? Look no further than an Artist Residency at The Hive™ at Spokane Public Library!

The Hive™ is a cutting-edge space for artists where they can broaden the scope of their work, explore ideas, and new projects. A place where the community can learn from artists and artists can learn from the community. Spokane Public Library is seeking applicants for the first Artists-in-Residency to occupy and invigorate four studio spaces at The Hive™, a new building located in the Sprague Union District opening August 2021.

Who can be an Artist-in-Residence at The Hive™?
Any individual, team or group who considers themselves an artist, crafter, musician, maker, writer, artisan, etc. First preference will be for artists in the greater Spokane area. Artists must be 18 years of age or older. Additional exceptions apply. 

What The Hive™ asks of Artists-in-Residence: 

  • Open studio hours (10-20 hours per month, arranged in advance to allow for promotion) 
  • Use the studio at least 20 hours per week 
  • 1-3 public programs (depending on the residency length). These could be classes, lectures or other. Library staff can help design the programs
  • Participation in an exhibit of their works at the Central (or other) Library during or following the residency 
  • Respect for the space and other residents of the building; adherence to the customer and presenter code of conduct. Completion of a WA State background check. 

What The Hive™ offers to Artists-in-Residence: 

  • High quality studio space 
  • Publicity
  • Opportunities to exhibit work in Spokane Public Library locations 
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Assistance in planning programs 
  • Community connection

This all sounds great, now how do I apply? 

  • Submit an application online. Applications for the first set of residencies open May 3, 2021 and are due by June 4, 2021. (You will need a Google account to fill out the application.) 

Who can I contact with questions?
You can email The Hive manager, Eva Silverstone. 


Can I apply to the residency with a friend who is also an artist and share the space and responsibilities? 
Yes. It would be preferable if you were collaborating in some manner, but we are flexible. Your application must be submitted as a team. 

Can an established group (watercolor society or quilting association, etc.) apply for a residency? 
Yes. The same rules for programs and open hours apply. Members of the group would have to determine amongst themselves who would be on site during these events
 and required staffing times. 

Can I live in the studio? 
No. The studios are not live-in residencies.

How many studios/residencies are available?
There are four studios available at The Hive™.

How long is the Artist Residency?
It’s up to you. You can pick between one month, three months, or six months. 

Will my stuff be safe in the studio? 
No one will access the studio when you are not present. There are also locking cabinets in the studio so you can put away things you don’t want seen from the windows. There will be a security guard at the building at some times. 

Will my work be insured while at The Hive? 
Yes. Please discuss with The Hive™ manager if you feel we need an additional rider for anything in particular. 

Will I be expected to patch and paint at the close of my residency? 
No, since the walls are plywood they should be okay as-is. If you are planning significant hanging structures, please discuss with The Hive™ manager. You will be expected to leave the space free from debris at the close of your residency (garbage/recycling receptacles will be provided). 

Can I apply again if I’ve already done a residency?
Yes, but priority will be given to artists who have not had the opportunity yet. 

How much do I get paid to be an artist-in-residence?
Artist residencies are unpaid. 

What are the studios like?
The studios are very well equipped with, at minimum: concrete floors, a floor drain, sink, counter, locking storage cabinets, lots of outlets, good lighting, solid walls for hanging work, separate venting from the rest of the building, heat/AC and wifi. Additionally, 24/7 access (as needed) and free parking is provided. There is access to kitchenette with shared refrigerator and microwave. Each studio has a large butcher block table on wheels with stools and a space for typing.